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With the SCIO one can find and treat more or less anything that is not as it should be in the body; illnesses, latent illnesses, viruses, bacteria, inflammation, psychological problems, stress, vitamin deficiencies, allergies etc. It has even been possible to cure several diseases that other methods have failed to rectify. With the SCIO one treats the cause of the symptoms, completely without side-effects or risk, and one can also problems from manifesting.


Some 30 years ago Professor William (Bill) Nelson was employed at NASA doing mathematical calculations on electromagnetic frequencies. Early in the 80’s he found a method to communicate with the body by utilizing these frequencies. Professor Nelson then collected together a team of scientists, doctors and programmers, and after about 20 years intensive research, developed the diagnostic & treatment machine, the QXCI. After more than 3 years experience testing the machine, - carried out by some 9000 therapists, the machine has been further perfected. In the Autumn of 2003 the new model, -the SCIO was launched throughout the world. 


Everything radiates an electromagnetic frequency. Professor Bill Nelson’s research team has measured the electromagnetic frequency specter for nearly every bacteria, virus, parasite, vitamin, mineral, pharmaceutical, natural medicine, within all categories, and indeed much much more. These are stored in a 4 Gb database, and before a treatment one does a test where one sends all these frequencies to the body, one by one. When the body receives these frequencies it will create a reaction corresponding to that if it were exposed to the real thing. One can’t feel this reaction because the body only receives the frequency for a hundredth of a second. The reaction is nevertheless strong enough that the SCIO can read how the body reacts to each frequency.

The readings are then translated in the PC database and one is presented with a numeric value for each single frequency/thing –around 8,000 inall. Should a frequency differ a lot from what is considered normal, then one knows that this is something one needs, -or that it is something that one should be quit. If this is something one needs, then one can give it to the body in the form of an electromagnetic frequency. One sends the frequency directly to where it is needed –far more effective than having to digest it. Alternatively, if it is something one should be quit, like a bacteria, virus or parasite, then one can send a frequency to the body that will kill these.

The SCIO can also read all of the communication going on inside the body. All processes, both physical and mental are steered by our inner communication system. This is mostly accomplished through signals controlled by the brain and through the meridians. With the SCIO one can “re-program” brain signals by transmitting frequencies through a harness on the head. In addition, using conductive wrist-straps and ankle-straps one can transmit frequencies directly to the various organs.

With the SCIO one can screw back the body to it’s optimal way of functioning, thus it is not possible to give excess treatment or injury. Most of the treatment programs simply trigger the body’s own functions to normalize them/ solve a problem. These processes work for many hours after a treatment, which can explain why one is often a little tired and worn out after a treatment. One doesn’t feel anything during the actual treatment, and there is no danger of side-effects afterwards. There have been several million treatments worldwide, and the results have been startelingly good.

SCIO consists of a frequency box which sends and transmits frequencies. These are low frequent electromagnetic frequencies in the 3rd specter.

SCIO has a built-in processor which does this. 
All the programs are started via a PC coupled to this box.. 
Every signal which is received is translated and shown on the PC.

In the course of a 4 minute test there are around 60 million frequencies sent to the body. 
The SCIO has it’s own treatment program for practically every illness or problem. Communication with the body is through frequency-conductive straps on the wrists, ankles and head. (Wrists and ankles are the end points of the meridians)

A complete treatment usually takes 2 hours, and most problems are taken care of in the course of 1-3 treatments. (Some illnesses usually need more treatments) 

Explanation of Abbreviations

QXCI = Quantum Xrroid Conscious Interface

SCIO = Latin for "to know" 

Quantum medicine = See Quantum Biomedicine